After growing up in Mobile, AL., JW packed his bags and embarked on an adventure to travel to San Francisco where he still resides today. Although he often took photos of family & while on vacations, it wasn’t until the summer of 2006 that he bought a used camera from a friend, and started taking photography seriously. Along the way he started developing interests in a variety of photographic subjects, and in 2009 he started shooting 35mm film. One of his favorite photographic pastimes is to “flaneur” – a French word that was used to describe those that “roamed, or strolled, at a very leisurely pace”. Mixing his natural curiosity about the world and a keen photographic eye allows him to simply take in all of the surroundings, looking for something that might normally be overlooked. He prefers taking the back roads and paths less traveled, which can often lead to delights, surprises, and ultimately — powerful images along the way.

I shoot digital, 35mm film, and mobile